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History Of React

February 26, 2019

This article is written by maaz28

How React Come into Action

React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. It was first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and later on Instagram.com in 2012.

As the Facebook Ads app got an increasing number of features, the team needed more people to keep it running flawlessly. The growing number of team-members and app-features slowed them down as a company. Over time, their app became difficult to handle, as they faced a lot of cascading updates.

After a while, engineers at Facebook couldn’t keep up with these cascading updates. Their code demanded an urgent upgrade to become more efficient.

They had the model right, but they needed to do something about user experience. So, “Jordan Walke” built a prototype that made the process more efficient, and this marks the birth of React.js.

History Of React

2011 - An early prototype of React Jordan Walke the mastermind created the early prototype of the most popular framework of the decade.

2012 - Something new had started at Facebook A improved version of react prototype helps facebook engineers to manage facebook ads more conveniently. Interest of instagram in the react library constantly force facebook to make it open source

2013 - The year of the Big Launch The Big News is - The React Got open sourced, Developers can not be happy enough this year.

2014 - The year of Expansion It’s the year when early react haters got a solid punch, Many remarkable extensions of react came into actions. The worth mentioning is the following line of statement ” React Developer Tools becomes an extension of the Chrome Developer Tools. ”

2015 - React is Stable Many big companies like Airbnb started adopting React

2016 - React gets mainstream Open Source Community Contributing and makes react library more stable.

2017-2018 - The year of further improvements Big companies started contribution in react, Airbnb introduces it’s open source library “React Sketch.app”, Now React have more than 60,000 npm packages available which makes it much stronger than any other framework or library these days.